Every year new masterpieces arrive at the Peyrassol Estate. Monumental pieces, installations in situ or great favourites that contribute to the constant renewal of the Philippe Austruy Collection. In 2023, four new works of art were added to this collection that already comprised around a hundred masterpieces.

Jacques Monory

Dynamobile, 1986

An emblematic artist of the Figuration Narrative movement, Jacques Monory recreates a world resembling a detective novel, in which he constantly hijacks the imaginary world of cinema, advertising and news images to transform the canvas into a screen. Characteristic of the artist, the trichromatic blue (the color of fear for the artist), yellow and pink create a fictional filter that plunges the viewer into the twists and turns of a captivating plot.

Courtesy La Patinoire Royale 
© Jeanchristophe Lett 

Courtesy the artist and La Patinoire Royale 
© Jeanchristophe Lett 

Luzia Simons

Stockage 184, 2019

The “Stockages” series reveals still lifes that are as precise as they are sensitive, evoking both the flower trade throughout history and 17th-century “vanitas”. Using the scannogram process, Luzia Simons freezes perishable beauty with intensity, offering a most carnal relationship to this near-all-over of tulips.

Zhanna Kadyrova

Shots, 2014

As if shattered by the impact of firearms, the ceramic tiles used by Zhanna Kadyrova evoke the war-torn daily lives of Ukrainians. The “Shots” series (2010-2014) bears witness to the escalation of this violence, from the “Orange Revolution” (2004-2005) to the powerful anti-Maidan demonstrations, via the outbreak of war in the Donbass and the illegal annexation of Crimea.

Courtesy the artist and Galleria Continua 
© Jeanchristophe Lett 

© Jeanchristophe Lett
Courtesy Anish Kapoor et Galleria Continua

Bertrand Lavier

Untitled, 2022

For the Commanderie de Peyrassol, Bertrand Lavier has designed a new mirror, one of the artist’s most famous occurrences, which constantly questions the painter’s gesture. Here, the reflection inherent in the reflective surface is blurred by a layer of paint that obscures the reflection. Since the 1980s, Bertrand Lavier has been painting objects, or rather their surfaces, to “paint not just the representation of reality, but reality itself” (Michel Gauthier).

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