A place for all your events.


In the magnificent setting of La Commanderie de Peyrassol where history is omnipresent, 4 different areas are available for you to organize all your private or professional events. Cocktails, banquets, workshops… our professional team is at your disposal and ready to advise and support you.

Your prestigious events

Our covered terrace (or “terrasse des chais” for rosé wines) offers a prestigious setting for your private or professional events.

With its glass roof overlooking the vineyards and vines of Château Peyrassol, the terrace offers a magnificent view of the estate and the Massif des Maures. The room’s star-spangled glass floor sits directly above the vats in which the great wines of Château Peyrassol mature. An atypical and majestic venue for all your events.

Below, the 215 m2 red wine terrace completes the reception space. Weddings, general meetings, launch cocktails and other professional events find this venue an atypical, upscale setting.

The covered terrace
200 people
(300 m²)

The Guards’ room
25 to 50 people
(55 m²)

Your study days

The Salle des Gardes welcomes you to a warm and intimate setting.

Its centuries-old stones still echo the Commanderie’s Templar past, bringing authenticity and prestige to your event.

Your major events

The village square awaits you, in the heart of the Commanderie de Peyrassol and its centuries-old stone buildings.

Just a stone’s throw from the fascinating sculpture park featuring some of the greatest names in contemporary art, this charmingly authentic space will enable you to organize all types of major events under the blue skies of Provence.

Village’s square
1100 m²